How Do I Create a Proposal?

Learn how to create and send a proposal with iScape.

After completing your design, you may want to share with with someone else or a client.  

If you have an iScape Pro Subscription, you can send a proposal including and itemized invoice to the client.  

To create a Proposal in iScape:
  1. Open up your iScape design
  2. Click the green export button in the top right hand corner
  3. Select "Create a Proposal"
  4. Set a price per unit for each item in design 
    1. Tip* iScape will remember the price that you set for each item in future designs
  5. If needed, add additional Proposal Items 
    1. Tip* Here is where you can add in costs like labor
  6. Add a project description
  7. Click "Add more pictures here" if you wish to add additional images to proposal
    1. Tip* Here is a good place to add a before and after image
  8. Click "Save and Continue"
  9. Review the Proposal to make sure all numbers are correct
  10. Click "Share Proposal" and send via Text or Email
    1. Tip* You can send the proposal to your own email and print if you would like a paper copy